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Comfort & Hope values those tests that surpasses the language barriers. We have a unique collection of non-verbal tests that adds a lot of value to every test cyclus, because they unload much more than words can give utterance to. This makes our tests more informative, which helps us to understand our clients even better!

Type 1. Personality tests
Personality test measures personality traits of individuals. It reveals the way a person thinks, feels and reasons, the way a person will react in different scenarios and the way in which a person gets motivated to display specific behaviours. 

Personality tests help reveal the possible sources of your life struggles.


Remember... the tests do not measure whether someone is good or bad. A personality test result is comparable to a fingerprint mark; each combination of personality traits is unique and deserves to be treated as such.


Personality tests are taken when there is an indication that personality traits may be the source of, or has influence on an individual's daily problems.

Type 2. Capacity tests

Capacity Tests basically measure an individual's Intellectual capacity and his capacity for Logical Reasoning.


Remember... A capacity test does not measure if someone is clever or dumb. The results just illustrate te extent to which capacity influences achievements in an individual's  life.


Capacity tests are taken when there is an indication that an individual's capacity influences the reason for seeking help or because a third party is interested in the cognitive capacities of specific individuals.

Type 3. Non-verbal & Projection tests

Non-verbal tests are tests that do not use or hardly use language to communicate, while still getting:

1) the extent to which an individual is suffering from psychological symptoms;

2) the individual's personality traits and/or

3) his capacity measures.


Non-verbal tests are extreme informative and provide extensive insight.

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